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Doctor Schwamp, aka Sean MacGloin, lead a high-energy, eclectic five-piece band, combining fiddle, bagpipes, harmonica, bass and drums, trumpet and guitar. Hailing from the Bronx, by way of Cuba, the multi-talented Doctor and his band would play a combustible mixture of blues, ska, gypsy and country guaranteed to get you up on your feet.

The Independent newspaper said of Sean, “It is MacGloin’s charisma, energy and musicianship that dazzle. His personality is capable of filling a venue of any size.”

Their highly literate lyrics and carefully crafted songs took listeners on a journey of drunks, devils, gold diggers, outlaws and bootleggers to name but a few. Doctor Schwamp and his band performed gigs the length and breadth of the country getting rapturous responses everywhere they went, from the Village Underground in London to the Avalon stage at Glastonbury.

Now in 2021, we are so very sad to announce that Sean has made his final curtain call.
R.I.P dearest friend
1st Sept 1970 - 29th May 2021

For any tributes or to be in touch with the family directly please see




Born in the Bronx and raised by itinerants in the badlands North of the City, Doctor Schwamp, of dubious Hispanic – Irish extraction, was a fiddler, piper, blues harp blower, singer, yarn-spinner, trickster and snake oil vendor par force.

The good Doctor began thumping the bagpipes at the age of four adding a string to his bow with the violin at the age of seven. At eight he was losing fortunes to conmen on the streets of Manhattan. At nine he was playing blues harp in Times Square. At ten he was hustling at Ames Pool Hall. At eleven he was singing for supper in the subway. At twelve he was selling his cure-all tonic the length and breadth of the U S of A. and since then, he ain’t never looked back.



Born into a family with absolutely no interest whatsoever in playing music, Pauly secured his first (four-string plastic) guitar at the age of four. Sadly this guitar melted two years later when it was left propped up against an electric bar heater.

It took Pauly seven years to get over the upset and finally get around to replacing it with a six-string acoustic.

He has been upsetting the neighbours ever since.



Christos Chatzispyrou is a jazz guitarist, composer and arranger. He completed his Masters Degree on Jazz Performance at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, where he studied under the guidance of Martin Hathaway, Scott Stroman, Malcolm Edmonstone, Carlos Real-Lopez, Trevor Tomkins and Phil Robson. He is currently a PhD candidate on jazz guitar with a Guildhall Scholarship researching the subject of signal processing for the electric guitar in a free jazz context.



JP was surrounded by music from very early on. He had himself an eclectic diet of jazz, rock and classical. At the age of seven he started learning the piano, but he soon discovered that hitting the piano made a lot more noise than simply tickling them ivories so he got himself a drum kit.

He’s been hitting and shaking and grinding things ever since.



Nixon's musical skills include the six-string bass guitar, song writing, composition, backing vocals.
Spanning the spectrums of funk, soul, rock, various dance genres, jazz, latin, reggae, blues, hip hop and beyond.

An accomplished musician and producer who has performed/recorded either in the recording studio, on television, or live with The Drifters, Reasons To Be Cheerful (the musical) band, Mariah Carey, Ronnie Laws, Angie Brown, Jools Holland, and many more.



Harrison is a born and bred Londoner (with a Colombian Dad and an Italian Mum). He’s been playing the trumpet since he was a small kid and has already clocked up twenty years on the instrument. He is a graduate of Trinity Laban and has gigged all over the world.

He is currently collecting gigs in local halls – so far, he has the Festival, Wigmore and Albert.

Harrison has won awards for his trumpet playing, but we’re not putting that in this bio because we don’t want anyone to know.



Dr Schwamp and his ensemble extravaganza have released ‘Tunes, Tall Tales & Tinctures’, a mind contorting, sense disorientating and musically invigorating 11-track album, spinning the precarious line between restraint and excess, the ordinary and the extraordinary, betwixt Heaven and Hell… with the wondrous, magnificent and all-curing video for ‘Cure All Tonic’ to accompany:

For the mysterious, peripatetic Dr Schwamp, every performance is a walk-in surgery, at which he and his highly trained acolytes serve up a thrilling "Cure-All Tonic" involving a secret recipe of blues, funk, gypsy, folk and swing all delivered with poetry, precision and power. Dr Schwamp will enthrall you with his combo of gritty vocals, witty lyrics and dizzying facility on violin, blues harp and BAGPIPES! (We kid you not). While his highly skilled team of sonic surgeons perform complicated operations involving finely tuned instruments and fleet-fingered frettings, the album takes you on a sonic journey, uplifting and energetic, and is one to be enjoyed in full.

‘Tunes, Tall Tales & Tinctures’ can be streamed / downloaded via all outlets now:






Konk Studios

Dougal Lott

Dave Little


The band’s EP, FOURTUNES, recorded at Sierra Vista Studios, Portugal, and produced by Morrissey’s co-writer and Rockabilly guitar legend, Boz Boorer, was released in Spring 2017 to great acclaim.

Boz said, “If there was a session that I done that I dug, this would be the one. I’ve loved all the stuff we’ve done, the whole course of the session…”







Sierra Vista

Boz Boorer

Mick O'Farrell


"Dr. Schwamp  shook up the acts with Bagpipes (first for me at a blues festival), fiddle and more. Bagpipes and the Blues can it be done? Well surprisingly yes! The set was dramatic & full of showmanship!" - Bluesdoodles

“The crowd were entranced by the virtuosity of the band”, “ they were certainly Blues on the Farm’s secret weapon” - Julian Moores, Blues on the Farm

“They were excellent, I know a few highlighted them as best act, real showmen and a great set” - Lisa Pickering, Avalon Café Programmer, Glastonbury Festival  

“Life enhancing” - Roy Victor, Photographer Rolling Stone

"The multi-talented and multi-genre artist has released an impressive single that is quite addictive. It is an energetic, upbeat funk that will captivate your attention throughout. With the funky beats and vocals, there isn’t a dull moment! From the first beat, the energetic yet funky beat will have you either getting up and dance or bopping to the beat instantly" -

"If you are looking for something elegant, invigorating and enigmatic, then Dr Schwamp is the insatiable way to go" - Other Side Music

"Tunes, Tall Tales & Tinctures carries eleven interesting, extravagant, entertaining, unique compositions, entirely overwhelmed by a comprehensive collection of various musical genres" -


"With the funky beat and the unique lyrics, one must not overlook Dr Schwamp’s talent embedded in the tune With the groovy melody, the flawless beats, and the musician’s fantastic guitar solos, “Dr Schwamp’s Brand New Cure-All Tonic” oozes with so much talent that you have to listen to this funkalicious tune!" -

"Dr. Schwamp floats between an entire universe of genres to accomplish specific articulations that will unquestionably indulge the broader auditorium. Just add up some healthy dosages of humor over the top, and you have a tremendous recording that will satisfy those who’re looking out for some innovative music." -

"Fusing ska, blues, folk and funk, the Doctor and his crew break boundaries with mind-contorting and soul-stirring music. If you are looking for something elegant, invigorating and enigmatic, then Dr Schwamp is the insatiable way to go." -